Group Career Change Programme

All the benefits of our 1-1 coaching programme, but with the support of people who are in the same boat.
"I feel so much more confident as to where I want to go with my career and that it is OK for you to have multiple career changes within your life! For anyone thinking about coaching or feeling stuck in your career I cannot recommend Quarter-Life enough."

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How It Works

What to expect from the career coaching.

1. Initial 30 Minute Call

Initial session where we can meet each other, answer any questions and set out the process.

2. Pre-coaching work

Pre-coaching content to get you started on your journey. 

3. Reflection

Those who are happiest in their careers do something that they are genuinely aligned with. During our reflection sessions we seek to develop a deep understanding of you. We look at the 5 key pillars: purpose, values, strengths, interests and working environment. At the end of these sessions we will have a blueprint for the kind of job that is right for you.

4. Options

We have a team of career advisors who are on hand to provide practical career change support. They specialise in all things CV, interview prep, job search strategy, applications and linkedin. If you feel you need this extra support then we are on hand to help.

5. Testing and Decision Making

You wouldn’t drive a car unless you road tested it, so why don’t we do the same with our careers? Test your most exciting ideas through conversations and ‘prototype’ experiences. We will narrow down your options to 1-3 exciting ones and create a plan to identify pathways into that career from your current position.

6. Follow Up Session

1 x hour follow up session a few months after finishing to measure progress and get back on track if needed.

What is included?

8 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Sessions

1-1 sessions with a specialist career coach to help identify your next career step.

Online Course

Unlimited access to the Quarter-life online course

Email & Whatsapp Mentoring

Be in touch with your coach between sessions in your group whatsapp for any additional questions or challenges.

1 x Follow Up Session

60 Minute follow up session

Personalised Notion Page

Use our notion tempate so you can create your own career hub as you go.

2 x 1-1 Coaching Session With Your Coach

2 x 30 minute 1-1 session with your coach

Some of the most frequently asked questions

All coaching sessions are held virtually, over zoom.

Between 4-5 months
5-6 people not including your coach!

Session will be run by Chloe or a member of the Quarter-Life team 

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