Life Coaching

1-1 coaching tailored to you.

Have something else in mind you would like coaching on? Curious about personal development in general? Like getting a personal trainer, working with a coach can be a catalyst for making huge changes. Here are some of the ways coaching can help:

Improving confidence and self-esteem​

Improving or maintaining the belief in your abilities and your relationship with yourself.


Dealing with stress, anxiety, a space to think to work through frustrations and find solutions, tools and strategies for calm.

Untangling Complex Problems

Structure, workload, productivity, work/life balance, challenging relationships


Improving or maintaining great personal and professional relationships


Becoming aware of strengths, what is important to you, what you value, what holds you back.

Identifying Sabotaging Behaviour

Overcoming procrastination, assumptions, limiting beliefs and blocks to effectiveness and fulfilment

What our clients say about their experiences

Some of the most frequently asked questions

All coaching sessions are held virtually, over zoom.

Our prices depend on how much you earn. No proof required, we trust you 🙂 Send an email below to organise a consultation.

 Our career coaching programme typically lasts between 3-6 months. For general life coaching, we usually work with people for around 6 months, but some choose to work with their coach for years!

For our career coaching programme, sessions will be every week or every other week to start with. Towards the end of the programme sessions tend to be spread out as you will need more time for your own research. For general life coaching, we will help you decide frequency of sessions. It ranges anywhere from every other week to once a month.

Get in touch [email protected]. We will organise a free consultation to see if we are a good fit and your coach will start the onboarding process.

Stories from those
we've worked with.

A Journey of Confidence - Niamh Hurley

From Teaching To Landscape Architecture - Katherine Pears

From Project Management to Production – Hannah Haine

From Founder to Product Design – Ben Macandrews

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